Esthetics Products By Lisa

What is ‘By Lisa’?

‘By Lisa’ is the title that accompanies each and every esthetic product curated by owner Lisa; It even accompanies the name of our beloved spa.

BANDS By Lisa – Now Available! $10.00

A soft and fitting headband that’s ideal for holding your hair back when getting facial treatments at our spa, washing your face at home, or even cozy enough for sleeping.

BALM By Lisa – Now Available! $6.00

Making your words and kisses softer than ever, our lip balm is portable and incredibly effective in hydrating your lips.

GLOSS By Lisa $7.00 (Coming Soon)

  • With an array of Lip Gloss shades; Lisa has dedicated her time to developing a gloss that is ideal for optimal shine.

SLEEP By Lisa (Coming Soon)

  • Sleeping masks for optimal rest and recharge are been developed with 100% cotton to ensure your overall comfort and health.

SOFT By Lisa (Coming Soon)

  • Beautiful, Compact, and Soft. Just a few words to describe our line of jarred Shea Butter; Making it easy to keep your skin soft, even when you’re on the go.

GLOVES by Lisa – Now Available! $5.00

Form-fitting and mighty, Our Exfoliation gloves by Lisa scrub your stresses from the day away.

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